• Vallal P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Trust
    Vallal P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker was born on 10 April 1829 to Sardar Bahadur Perumal Naicker and Theivanai ammaiyar. He had his education in then Presidency School (Now Presidency College) He was a visionary and strongly believed that education would be the empowerment and commercial success would catapult the people in economic ladder. He had concern for the poor and downtrodden of all people in general and Vanniyakula Kshatriya in particular. He treaded into the trading activity of export of spices which was then very lucrative with lot of scope to fulfill his future ambition.
    Thus in 1866, when the people of Orissa were perishing in famine, the then British Govt was struggling to cope with the situation, Mr Naicker rose to the calling. Benevolent and Philanthropic Chengalvaraya Naicker pooled all his resources and donated wealth, great amount of food grains, clothing and other essentials to the Rulers to help the famine relief. The then British Govt, The Governor of Madras State, His Excellency Lord Napier wrote a letter to the British Parliament on 28.08.1866 eulogizing and appreciating the timely assistance of the Philanthropist Chengalvaraya Naicker.
    The great man attained the lotus feet of Lord Parthasarathy Swamy in the year 1874 and thereby he lived up to 45 years. While he was alive in between 1870 & 1873 he wrote a WILL and Codicil bequeathing all his earnings and belongings of landed property and moveable assets to form a Charitable Trust. The formation of charitable Trust was conceived by benevolent man mainly for the purpose of imparting education, extending free medical facilities and establishing orphanage home and asylum for economically weaker and downtrodden society.
    In 1874 a Trust in the name of P.T. Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker Trust was formed and was under the control of Pachaiyappa's Charities. In 1996, as per the orders of Hon'be High Court of Madras this Trust started functioning as a separate entity. Our Trust is being administered by a team of nine eminent Trustees drawn from different walks of life and who were holding very high positions in the past, headed by retired High Court Judge as Chairman of the Trust, duly appointed by Government of Tamil Nadu.

    Hon'ble Thiru. Justice. P.Kalaiyarasan
    (Former Judge High Court, Madras)

    Thiru. L.Arul, M.A., B.Ed.,
    (Former Chairperson, Mutual Benefit Trust, Kanchipuram District)

    Dr. C.Veni, M.D., DGO., DNB., FICOG.,
    (Medical Superintendent (Retd.) Rajiv Gandhi Govt. General Hospital, Chennai)

    Dr. K.Ramalingam, I.E.S., B.E., M.Tech (IITM)., Ph.D., P.G.Dip.(Law)., P.G.Dip.(IT),
    (Former Chairman Airports Authority of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation, (Govt. of India))

    Thiru. M.Rajendran, B.Sc., B.L,
    Advocate and Notary Public, Dharmapuri, Goverment of India, Advocate Panel, National Insurance Company.

    Thiru.P.Sundaram, M.A., B.L.,
    Deputy Director of L.F. Audit (Retd.)
    Prof. Dr. D.Viswanathan, B.E., M.E., Ph.D., F.I.E., F.I.S.N.T., F.I.S.T.E., M.I.I.M.,
    (Former Vice Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai)